Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Static Movement Special Print issue #2

The Static Movement Special Print issue #2 is available now, and it includes stories by both Flo and yours truly, along with three of my images. You can pick up a copy here:

Download an MP3 of the appearance of publishers Chris Bartholomew and John 'JAM' Arthur Miller on blogtalkradio’s House of Horror-The Lounge, discussing this issue:

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to all!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Zazzle Tip – Wear A Cup

One piece I’ve held back because I thought it would someday make a great book cover, is entitled “Identity Crisis.” A digitally sliced, diced and morphed composite of about a dozen photos I’ve taken of one of my skulls, it’s one of my better attempts at surrealism. A few days ago, Zazzle offered its photographic postage on discount for four hours, starting at midnight. Since I decided to debut “Identity Crisis” in Parallax, it seemed like a good idea to promote the book with some custom postage, so I ordered a couple of books. About a day and a half later, I received the following excerpt in an email from “Zazzle Content Management”: “We’re having trouble approving your ZazzleStamps design titled “identity crisis b.” In order to assist us, would you please reply to this email with honest responses to the following question(s): 1. What is the source of this image? Where did you find it? 2. Do you have permission to use this image?” Now, I realize that there is an entire laundry-list of restrictions and exceptions regarding content, and I didn’t really worry that my stylized disintegrating skull would pose a serious threat to mental health, but I certainly did not anticipate this kind of treatment. If Zazzle had asked nicely, I would have been delighted to certify that “Identity Crisis” is indeed my original work, and reassure the company that I own all rights to the image. “Where did you find it?” Zazzle apparently doesn’t bother with the throat – it goes directly for the ‘nads. I personally do not see any reason to do business with a company that-even by implication-calls me a liar and a thief. Caveat emptor. Point of irony: posters and T-shirts of book-cover art I’ve licensed to sell for charity are still for sale on Zazzle. You can see one of them here:

By the way, Zazzle, my original photography has been published since 1969; I have work in and/or on more than 40 books and over 100 magazine editions.

Finally found a home for this one: