Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Indiana Horror Review 2019


Mother of Nothing by Mike Jansen
Birdie by Dona Fox
A Walk in the Woods by James Michael Shoberg
Dead Feeling by Trevor Hallam
Just Another Sweltering Day in Traffic by Thomas M. Malafarina
Let me be your guide, this day by Joy Ruijmgaart
A White Farewell with a Splash of Red by Sheldon Woodbury
Destruction at Noonday by Scath Beorh
The Mixed Media/ Anatomy/Physiology Textbook by C. L. Hesser
Oh, Mommy, Mommy by James Michael Shoberg
Black Ice by John Stanton
Rituals of waited love by Joy Ruijmgaart
Mementos by Guy Anthony De Marco
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere by Christopher Hivner
Marrow-Minded by James Michael Shoberg
Last Call by Sheldon Woodbury
The Body Under the Bridge by Wendell Cooper
Piecework by Cindy O'Quinn
The Wax Egg by RJ Meldrum
Of the Dark by Trevor Hallam
Drinking Problem by James Michael Shoberg
Night Harvest by Justin Hunter
Secret of the Eel by Mathias Jannson
That Which We Covet by Joe X Young
Plague Dogs by Rob Teun
The River Ghost by C. L. Hesser
My Chocolate Bunny by James Michael Shoberg
The Trainee by Garrett Rowlan
Trimmings by Rob Teun
The Falling Stars by Brian Glossup
The Warning by Maria Mitchell
Cupid's Relative by David S. Pointer
Indy Under Ground by David S. Pointer
Overly Social Extremism by David S. Pointer

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