Sunday, June 3, 2012

Make Tomorrow Great!


“We tend to think of our 'moods', the way we feel about ourselves and our lives today, as being something like the weather. You can get to recognize 'weather fronts' and understand something of how 'weather systems' work, so that you can have some idea of what's coming. But what's coming is coming, and all you can hope for is some advance warning. Which is handy if a hurricane is on its way.

But moods are not like weather. We can do far more than just prepare for them. We can shape them and direct them, encouraging more of one type of mood and less of another. Learning to do this doesn't guarantee everything in life will go your way and you'll never have another horrid day. But it does mean that you'll be likely to have far more 'great days' -and be a great deal better able to survive the 'not so great days'.”


Sometimes, all it takes is one too many rotten days in a row to develop the habit of waking up expecting the next day to be as trying as the last. Once those filters are in place, it is just way too easy to experience what you have come to expect.

The idea for this track was something I dropped into the suggestion box at Hypnosis Downloads, and I think they did a fantastic job with it! If you would like to start the day in the mood you want, instead of dragging around yesterday’s baggage, check out “Make Tomorrow Great” at Hypnosis Downloads.