Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hidden in Plain Sight


Jay Helmstutler
Alex S. Johnson
Taylor White
Norbert Gora
Jeff Bowles
Zeb Carter
Matthew Wilson
James Michael Shoberg
John Grey
Will Cohen
Chris Thompson
Erin Britt
Justin Hunter
David J. Gibbs
Johnny Worthen
Erin Britt
Donald McCarthy
Barry Rosenberg
John Grey
Hillary Lyon
Bob McNeil
Philip Thorogood
Fred McGavran

Cover art and Design by John D. Stanton
Model: Flo Stanton


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Double Troubles Part 3

Dear reader, I realize in these posts that I’m stretching the definition of “doppelganger” a bit beyond the classic supernatural connotation, but I think I have a good reason, if you will bear with me.

In the spring after our son was born, I ordered some supplies from a mail-order catalog, including a set of diaper clips – learning to diaper a happy, squirmy baby made me fear poking him with the traditional diaper pin, and this seemed to be a nice solution to that anxiety. Weeks passed without the order arriving, and after contacting the company, I received an irate letter accusing me of being a thief, accompanied with a copy of a UPS receipt purportedly signed by yours truly. It wasn’t my signature, and the address was on the opposite side of town.

I managed to track down this other “John Stanton” and met with him at his house. We both dropped a few names, and it turned out that we weren’t related. When the package was delivered, he was in the process of moving to his new home, and he had the box addressed to me on a table by his front door, still unopened. I had ordered the shipment sent to my P.O. Box, but it had been shipped by UPS, which simply had delivered it to the first John Stanton they could find.

My documentation of the miss-delivery earned me a profuse apology from the author of the above-mentioned irate letter.

Fourteen years later, I purchased a used gray Nissan Stanza from a dealership not far from home. A few weeks later, I contacted the dealer regarding some minor issue, and when the salesman read my address from his computer screen, it wasn’t mine, but it seemed familiar. Not far from the address where I had picked up the “Happy Family Products” package with the diaper clips all those years before. It seems that the other John Stanton had purchased the same make, model and color car, from the same dealership, just the day before I had bought mine. The only difference was, he had an automatic transmission while I had purchased one with a stick.

One of the lighter moments in my eerie, discordant dance with Synchronicity.

Know Your Double 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Gothic Tales of Terror

Gothic Tales of Terror
edited by Krista Clark Grabowski


Stephanie Ellis   Leave
Carmen Tudor   Memory to Perish
Dona Fox          The Reverant of Shelby House
Brandon Ketchum   The Grinning Cat
DJ Tyrer          Hollenstein
Flo Stanton       Speech to the Prometheus League
Michale Seese     Who Will Die Tonight?
Mischa Herwin     The Governess
Scott Forman      The House that Jack Built
David Schultz II  The House of Wellington
K.Z. Morano       Hysteria
Sheldon Woodbury  The Castle at the Edge of the World

Cover art/design by John D. Stanton

Available now at Amazon.com

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Indiana Horror Review 2015

Indiana Horror Review 2015

With stories by:

Jennifer Lemming
K.Z. Morano
William Cook
Mike Jansen
Roger Cowin
A. Henry Keene
Justin Hunter
Dona Fox
Maria Mitchell
Maria Mitchell
Guy Burtenshaw
Bas van der Veer
Alec Cizak
Flo Stanton
Mary Patterson Thornburg
John D. Stanton

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Home Body: Not One of Us #54


Marvels and Wonders, by Patricia Russo
Bugs on a Window in Arkansas (poem), by Heather Dorn
A Cherry Without a Stone, by Sonya Taaffe
Even a Loser Can Win, by S. L. Bickley
Sunshine on the Rubble (poem), by Holly Day
Rag House (poem), by Phylinda Moore
Not All the Coal That Is Dug Warms the World, by Steve Toase
He Was Cut Off (poem), by Anne Babson
First Offence (poem), by Neal Wilgus
Snowflake (poem), by Anna Sykora
The Night Queen, by Gillian Daniels
The Old Road, by Yoon Ha Lee
Walk the Wing (poem), by Erik Amundsen
Keep the Home Fires Burning (poem), by Sonya Taaffe
Art: John Stanton (cover), Yoon Ha Lee

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Memoriae Obscura

Funny how the mind makes—or doesn’t make—its connections. Sporadically for about twenty years now, my wife Flo has run into a woman while we are out shopping, whom she’s sure she knows, who is sure she knows Flo.

They both feel this connection. They worked together, as adults—no shared school or childhood memories. Ate lunch together, chatted, seemingly over a period of years.

At different meetings, each would rattle off times, places, scenarios, at which the other would draw an utter blank. Then, we wouldn’t see Rita for, say, two or three years. For some reason, they never exchanged last names.

A couple of weeks ago, while out shopping, Flo noticed Rita again. While I was off looking for something to fix something with at home, they chatted, with the same results.

A few days ago, shopping again, we stopped at the in-store deli to talk and go over our lists. After a while, Flo noticed Rita again. She was sitting at a table several over from ours, facing away from us.

Flo tried to describe in a little more detail the connection they feel. It is as if they were dragged from a deep sleep and transported to some underground facility to work a shift. Their friendly conversations would take place during meal breaks. This sense of connection, of shared memories, still persists.

Now for an example of how connections work in my brain: First, the “crazed deejay” spins up The Beatle’s “Lovely Rita, Meter Maid” softly in the background. The word “meter” pings with the description of the factory experience Flo relates.

The result:

Monday, April 13, 2015

Not One of Us #53

Locket, by Patricia Russo
Day, Sun, Night (poem), by Sonya Taaffe
When the Queen of Afrits Took Three Steps in the Sand (poem), by Alexandra Seidel
Half the War Is a Memory of Tress, by Mat Joiner
When Can a Broken Glass Mend?, by Sonya Taaffe
The Field (poem), by Alex Harper
First Morning of the Last Man Alive (poem), by Kent Kruse
Foundling, by JD DeLuzio
I even recall the cold breeze (Mercer Bears hoops 3:16) (poem), by CEE
The Path, by E. G. I. Whitworth
Ammonite (12” Mix) (poem), by Mat Joiner
Pripyat (poem), by J. C. Runolfson
Art: John Stanton

Monday, March 16, 2015

Ghosts Revenge

Table of Contents:

The Obsidian Box by Michael Thomas-Knight
In Stately Pious Prayer  by Mary Genevieve Fortier
Y ū rei no Yado by K.Z. Morano
Hope by William Cook
The Room at the Top of the Stairs by Roger Cowin
Broad Smile in Scarlet by Scáth Beorh
Tit for Tat by James S. Dorr
Shypoke's Tears by Dona Fox
Madonna by CS Nelson
The Forest for the Trees by John Sies
But Only a Non-Entity by William Cook
Darkness Is by Michael Tugendhat
The Yellow Dress by Guy Burtenshaw
Empty Pillow by E.F. Schraeder
Last Words by Evan Dicken
Homeowners by Brian Rosenberger
From the Flame by Mike Jansen
The Holy Ghost by Sheldon Woodbury
Nocturne by Allen Griffin
Suicide Hill by Ken L. Jones
Daleford's Semicentennial Mystery by Rik Raven-Daleford
She Waits by Flo Stanton
The Neighborhood by Kenneth Whitfield
She Comes to Me at Midnight by Rie Sheridan Rose
Peeping Tom by William Petersen
The Screams All Sound The Same by Brian Rosenberger
Another Shore by Tim Jeffreys
The Knocker by Stephen O'Connor
To Kill a Guy Twice by Matthew Weber
The Ghost in Winter's Wake by Nicholas Day
A Tale of Nan Scott by Steve Foreman
The Legend of Black Jack Guillotine by Neal F. Litherland
Amphantomine by Alex S. Johnson
Here Kitty Kitty by J. C. Michael
The Sins of Our Fathers by Betty Rocksteady
The Cistern by Justin Hunter
The Snow in May by Angeline Trevena
The Moon Above Oak Road by David Schütz II
Burying the Hatchet by Lori R. Lopez
Sleep Walker by Magenta Nero
Charlie's Garden by Tracy L. Carbone
There’s Something in the Trees by Steve Berry
Bequeathed by Doug Rinaldi
Ghosts: Revenge (an acrostic) by T.S. Woolard

  Gidion Van de Swaluw
 Stephen Cooney

Available on Kindle now
And in paperback

Not One of Us UPDATE

To all friends and fans of Not One of Us:
Not One of Us issue # 53 is currently in the works.
The web site is temporarily down due to domain issues, but the publication is still going strong!
The new email address for both submissions and subscriptions is:
John Benson:
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Indiana Crime Review 2014

edited by:
Murphy Edwards
James Ward Kirk

Pulp City by Roger Cowin
Polite Society by Alec Cizak
The Surrogate by Dona Fox
Priority Delivery by Michael McGlade
Gone by Flo Stanton
Current Events by Flo Stanton
This Is the way the World Ends by Flo Stanton
Whiskey Bait by Guy Burtenshaw
Honesty’s No Policy by Nienke Pool
Old Habits by D. Jonathan Brudie
The Cosa Nostra and the Hit Man by James Park
The Samaritan by Brian Rosenberger
A Less-Than-Ordinary Crime by Trevor Boelter
Blue Angels by Lee Forsythe
Where’s Johnny? By Joseph Rubas
Belle by Charie D. La Marr
Damen Cuddles by Sigrid Lensink
Cover art and design by John Stanton

Available on Amazon

Monday, March 2, 2015


by Michael Tugendhat
Published by James Ward Kirk
Cover art by John Stanton
Available now from Amazon

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Long and the Short and the Tall

 Announcing The Long and the Short and the Tall

 Jenny Almost and the Professional Botherers, by Patricia Russo
Him (poem), by Michael Mark
Why Animals Don’t Talk (poem), by Anne Carly Abad
—the butterfly screamed!, by William J Fedigan
Outside (poem), by Malcolm Morris
I Love You Like a Mountain, by Sonya Taaffe
The Rise of a Yellow Sun (poem), by Kent Kruse
Not Around, by Daniel W. Thompson
Good Luck (poem), by Neal Wilgus
Ragged Limbed and Hungry, by Leslie J. Anderson
The Crane Husband (poem), by Sonya Taaffe
Art: John Stanton

Order a copy or subscription directly from Not One of Us