Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Indiana Horror Review 2014


The Serial Magician—Dona Fox
My Sweet Haley—Essel Pratt
Coal Black Talons—Murphy Edwards
Frankie—D. S. Scott
The Brickyard Bleeds—Lemmy Rushmore
A Great Hand—S.L Dixon
Green Blue Skies—Gary Murphy
The Muse—Tony Bowman
Witness in Spiritual Divine—Gary Murphy
The Bear—Timothy Frasier
Cornfed—CS Nelson
A Madman’s Memoirs—Mathias Jansson
Man’s Best Friend—Lemmy Rushmore
System Failure—Jon Wesick
As Before Sickness—Judith Skillman
Father—John Ledger
Wet—Stuart Keane
The Pumpkin Man—Roger Cowin
The Legend of the Crying Woman—Roger Cowin
The Servant of God—Roger Cowin
Yard Work—John Stanton
Zombi 6: Salvation—James Park
Candy—Charie D. La Marr
The Clean Up—Paul van Leeuwenkamp
Deadman Tales—Lori R. Lopez
A Hard Rain—Lori R. Lopez
Caligo—Mike Jansen
Cenotaph—Nienke Pool
The Devil Moves in Mysterious Ways—David Slater
Beyond the Last Day—David Slater
The Devil Moves in Mysterious Ways II—David Slater
Why In Hell—T.S. Woolard
Satan’s Heart—Dona Fox

Cover art and design—John Stanton

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Here's a link to an earlier blog on the Haunted Bridge.

A shot of mine from 1995: Dot Matrix days.

Dec. 10 - just found this one from 1986, before restoration efforts: