Monday, April 2, 2018

Not One of Us Issue #59


The Trumpet Man, by Craig Rodgers
The Great Fire (poem), by Sonya Taaffe
Passing Through, by Tamzin Mitchell
When the Graveyard Burned (poem), by Neal Wilgus
The House Beneath (poem), by Alexandra Seidel
The Women Around Achilles (poem), by Sonya Taaffe
Unwritten Songs, by Tim Jeffreys
Coulrophobia (poem), by Lee Nash
Mr. Biscuit (poem), by Jessica Amanda Salmonson
The Final Four (Suicide Rock), by Stephen L. Antczak
Zero Dream (poem), by F. Brett Cox
A Last Meal, by Nicole Tanquary
Return to Womb (poem), by Stephanie M. Wytovich
A Haunting (poem), by Davian Aw
Art: John Stanton

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