Sunday, April 20, 2014

Nostalgia by Justin Hunter

"The dark fiction novel Nostalgia delves into the lives of Mike and Brett. The men share a significant event in their past that, due to Mike’s head trauma, only Brett remembers. Each of their lives bears scars from what happened; one physically and the other emotionally. Mike is in the grips of a childhood traumatic brain injury that has deteriorated his consciousness to the point of shredding his moral fabric, twisting his past and threatening to eliminate his future."

(Cover art and design by John Stanton)

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Outlaw Circus

A generous supply of surrealist prose pieces--some of them stories, some vignettes, with nods to Ibsen, Borges, Kafka, Gogol, and others--capped off by a true gem, Outlaw Circus, a pun-filled, Blazing-Saddles-like novella that plays wild and entertaining mind games with the western genre. Heaps of fun! --Robert Devereaux, author of Baby's First Book of Seriously Fucked-Up Shit

Artwork by Stephen Cooney
Cover Design by John Stanton



Meridiana is a suspenseful tale of love and lust in which mysterious characters lead an artist, Andy Leon, down a path of self destruction. Can his girlfriend, Carol, save Andy from the illuminati and certain death?

(Cover design by John Stanton)

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Natural Color by Monica Downey Kirk

A personal journey through life with art as the compass. Monica Downey Kirk, B. A. Liberal Arts, Herron School of Art

(Photography by John Stanton)

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Not One of Us Issue #51

From Publisher John Benson:

“We might have called this our ‘autumn issue,’ but here in the northern hemisphere that would have been a confusing name for an April publication.  So instead we’ll say the theme is not dead yet.  We have a woman defying her own personal death, a man living the puzzle of the not-quite-dead, and a washer cleansing all precious griefs; one who lives in a court of rust and another who waits to step through the walls while the shadows last.  If you’re not dead yet, you can dream that you’ve woken up and gone outside; but be careful, there’s something in the garden that doesn’t want to stay there.  And especially for the not yet dead, ‘autumn is the true alchemist.’”


A Portrait in Rust, by Mat Joiner
Relics (poem), by Lynn Hardaker
Death Defying Stunts, by Gillian Daniels
Similes (poem), by Sonya Taaffe
Sudoku for Dead People, by Chris Bell
Journey of the Worker Bee (poem), by normal
Cosmovore at Coney Island (poem), by Kristi Carter
The True Alchemist, by Sonya Taaffe
Tatters (poem), by Sandi Leibowitz
Something We Could Do, by Patricia Russo
Bean-Nighe: The Washer at the Ford (poem), by Neile Graham
Art: John Stanton

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