Thursday, October 24, 2013

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ugly Babies

James Ward Kirk Publishing
Edited by Sydney Leigh


Orphan Ship by Dona Fox
Baby No Name by Stephanie M. Wytovich
Uggyville by David S. Pointer
The Witch’s Lover by Matthew Wilson
The Last Son of Circe by Maria Mitchell
Forbidden Pleasure by Mathias Jansson
Kiddie Labor Camps by David S. Pointer
Envy’s Child by J.D. Isip
Long Term Care by David S. Pointer
Warts and All by Daniel Ari
The Nursery in the Cellar by Matthew Wilson

Flash Fiction

Infested Candy by Joseph J. Patchen
The Other Child by K.Z. Morano
Deer Season by Carly Berg
Letter to a Young Selkie by M. E. VonBindig
Manikin by Gary Hewitt
Only Dimly by Bruce L. Priddy
Tangled Nursery by Dave Dormer
Little Jimmy's Secret by Ben Arzate
Jah Wobbly by Mark Slade

Short Stories

Latch by Neil Baker
Switched After Birth by Erik Gustafson
The Alcombery Waystation By James Suriano
Hush Little Bebe by David Greske
The Third Try-mester by Justin Hunter
This Is a Troll Free Call by Randy Rubin
Disaster Blanket by Ken MacGregor
Daughter Mine by Timothy Frasier by M.C. O’Neill
The Foundling By EDWARD AHERN
Paternity by Carrick McCleary
Grandma Knows Best by Dave Eccles
Meconium by Tom Johnstone
Lucy by Suzy Saylor
The Stars Said Trudy by Caroline Kepnes
Tiger, Tiger by Angela Meadon
The Thirteenth Child by Dusty Davis
Teddy by Matt Kurtz
Henrietta’s Skirt by Dan Dillard
The Boy at Ruby Lester’s by Michael Faun
Immaculate Deception by Essel Pratt
The Swelling by DJ Tyrer
Tender By R.T. Tandy
Bad Egg by Patrick Lacey
Meat Sweets by Andrew Freudenberg
Brother by Michael C. Schutz-Ryan


Baby No Name by Jeff Swenson
The Last Son of Circe by Maria Mitchell
Warts and All by Angelin Miller
Monster by John Stanton
Ad Finem Ultimum by Niall Parkinson
Latch by Neil Baker
ugly babies by Stephen Cooney
Vessels by Niall Parkinson
Daphne by Ashley scarlet
Little Girl by Ashley Scarlet
Triplica by Ryan Rice
Cancer by Niall Parkinson
The Boy at Ruby Lester’s by Michael Faun
The Devil’s Child by Essel Pratt
Lolly by Ashley Scarlet