Monday, September 16, 2013

Cellar Door: Words of Beauty, Tales of Terror Volume One

James Ward Kirk Publishing
Edited by Shawna L. Bernard



Hide and Seek by Stephanie M. Wytovich
Lullaby by Simon Critchell
(Caged) Floral Motif (Madness) by David S. Pointer
Olive Branch by Theresa C. Newbill
Last Lament by Matthew Wilson
Beneath Yellow Roses by Rose Blackthorn
Labyrinthine Dream by Mathias Jansson
Immortal Serenade by Larissa Blaze
Revelations by Michael Randolph
Behind the Cellar Door by Esther M. Leiper-Estabrooks
For You, the Universe by Max Booth III


The Blossoming Bride by Aaron Besson
A Polished Poem by Morgan Griffith
Incarnadine by Lisa Landreth
The Draft by Matthew Wilson
Little Drummer Boy by Tom Johnstone
Natural Selection by Tony Thorne
The Door in the Floor by Ken MacGregor
Ray Guns and Rocket Ships by Todd Nelsen
Luna by Vada Katherine
Cellular Door by Aaron Gudmunson


Stray Cat by Gregory L. Norris
Belladonna by C.L. Hesser
Intricate Restraint by Robert J. Santa
Visions of a New York Loft by Tracy L. Carbone
The Sun Sets Too Soon in November by Gregory L. Norris
Heavy Heart by Dave Dormer
Raison d’ĂȘtre by J.T. Seate
The Light of the Fifth Stair by K. Trap Jones
Reminiscent of the Rain by Carmen Tudor
Luminescence by Michael Randolph
Face of an Angel by Lisamarie Lamb
Stone Butterfly by David North-Martino
Solitude by Guy Burtenshaw
The Man Who Loved His Luscious Ladies by Tina Rath
Suburban Etiquette by Thomas Kleaton
Fiona by Justin Hunter
Pressed Flower Memories by Rose Blackthorn
Sweet Songs of the Earth by Erik Gustafson
Doors Shut Tight and Arms Wide Open by Kerry G.S. Lipp
The Virtuoso by J. Daniel Stone
What Grows in Between by Sally Bosco
Night Flowing Down by Melissa Osburn
Silhouettes in Soil and Prose by Jeff Carter
Moving Past the Ashes by T. Fox Dunham


Penumbra by John Stanton
Harbinger by Beth Murphy
Divinity by Natalie Sirois
Halcyon Days by Shawna L. Bernard
An Epiphany by Greg McWhorter
Serenity by Beth Murphy
Latent Light by Natalie Sirois
Last Reign by Natalie Sirois
Redolence by Greg McWhorter
Narcissa by Beth Murphy
Denouement by Natalie Sirois
Third Crow by Tais Teng
Druid by Morgan Griffith
Shiva by Ashley Scarlet
Antique Languor by Natalie Sirois
Raptura Sub Rosa by Colleen Keough
Moonlight Sonata by Shawna L. Bernard
Dark Hearth by Shawna L. Bernard
Fallen Angel by Ashley Scarlet
Winter Wheel-line by Rose Blackthorn
Brooding by John Stanton
Ephemeral Sovereignty by Shawna L. Bernard
Sistina by Ashley Scarlet
Unfinished by Jodi Abraham
Regret by John Stanton
Water Lily by Shawna L. Bernard
Machiko (Finding Truth) by Beth Murphy
Doorway by Rose Blackthorn
Demesne by Shawna L. Bernard
Dragonfly Girl by Ashley Scarlet

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