Monday, March 16, 2015

Ghosts Revenge

Table of Contents:

The Obsidian Box by Michael Thomas-Knight
In Stately Pious Prayer  by Mary Genevieve Fortier
Y ū rei no Yado by K.Z. Morano
Hope by William Cook
The Room at the Top of the Stairs by Roger Cowin
Broad Smile in Scarlet by Scáth Beorh
Tit for Tat by James S. Dorr
Shypoke's Tears by Dona Fox
Madonna by CS Nelson
The Forest for the Trees by John Sies
But Only a Non-Entity by William Cook
Darkness Is by Michael Tugendhat
The Yellow Dress by Guy Burtenshaw
Empty Pillow by E.F. Schraeder
Last Words by Evan Dicken
Homeowners by Brian Rosenberger
From the Flame by Mike Jansen
The Holy Ghost by Sheldon Woodbury
Nocturne by Allen Griffin
Suicide Hill by Ken L. Jones
Daleford's Semicentennial Mystery by Rik Raven-Daleford
She Waits by Flo Stanton
The Neighborhood by Kenneth Whitfield
She Comes to Me at Midnight by Rie Sheridan Rose
Peeping Tom by William Petersen
The Screams All Sound The Same by Brian Rosenberger
Another Shore by Tim Jeffreys
The Knocker by Stephen O'Connor
To Kill a Guy Twice by Matthew Weber
The Ghost in Winter's Wake by Nicholas Day
A Tale of Nan Scott by Steve Foreman
The Legend of Black Jack Guillotine by Neal F. Litherland
Amphantomine by Alex S. Johnson
Here Kitty Kitty by J. C. Michael
The Sins of Our Fathers by Betty Rocksteady
The Cistern by Justin Hunter
The Snow in May by Angeline Trevena
The Moon Above Oak Road by David Schütz II
Burying the Hatchet by Lori R. Lopez
Sleep Walker by Magenta Nero
Charlie's Garden by Tracy L. Carbone
There’s Something in the Trees by Steve Berry
Bequeathed by Doug Rinaldi
Ghosts: Revenge (an acrostic) by T.S. Woolard

  Gidion Van de Swaluw
 Stephen Cooney

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