Thursday, March 5, 2015

Indiana Crime Review 2014

edited by:
Murphy Edwards
James Ward Kirk

Pulp City by Roger Cowin
Polite Society by Alec Cizak
The Surrogate by Dona Fox
Priority Delivery by Michael McGlade
Gone by Flo Stanton
Current Events by Flo Stanton
This Is the way the World Ends by Flo Stanton
Whiskey Bait by Guy Burtenshaw
Honesty’s No Policy by Nienke Pool
Old Habits by D. Jonathan Brudie
The Cosa Nostra and the Hit Man by James Park
The Samaritan by Brian Rosenberger
A Less-Than-Ordinary Crime by Trevor Boelter
Blue Angels by Lee Forsythe
Where’s Johnny? By Joseph Rubas
Belle by Charie D. La Marr
Damen Cuddles by Sigrid Lensink
Cover art and design by John Stanton

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