Monday, August 28, 2017

Indiana Horror Review 2017

Edited by James Ward Kirk


Attention, Please, by James Michael Shoberg
Missing, by Eric Kruger
Heaven on Earth, by Dale Hollin
In Memoriam, by RJ Meldrum
Festival of Harlequin, by Sebastian Crow
The Midnight Circus, by Sheldon Woodbury
Mama’s Girl, by Christopher Hivner
Tired, by James Michael Shoberg
The Robbery, by Mike Jansen
The Riddance of Long Snout, by Scรกth Beorh
Never Die Alone, by John Kujawski
Ott Behavior, by James Michael Shoberg
Tabitha’s Room, by Glen Damien Campbell
Problem Child, by Sheldon Woodbury
It’s the Little Things, by James Michael Schoberg
Transference, by James Owens
Danse Macabre, by Sebastian Crow
The One-Armed Bandit, by Mike Jansen
The Devil’s Bench, by Wondra Vanian
The Doctor Is In, by Mark Brandon Allen
Don’t Stare, Don’t Point, by Thomas M. Malafarina
The Girl in the Mirror, by Hayden Quinn
Housewarming, by Justin Hunter
Obsidian Heart, by Flo Stanton
Nocturnal Preeti, by Singh

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