Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sky Boogers, Anyone?

The oddities you can capture on a dash cam. Here is one from April 8. At first, thought it had to be a bird or possibly an insect, out of focus because it was close to the windshield. Still, didn’t remember seeing it while driving. It did capture a bird or two in flight, but they looked nothing like this. I zoomed in, and noticed that the wire appears to be in front (from my perspective) of the object, not behind it – which would make it about as large as it appears. Also, shooting at 30 frames per second, this object appears in only one frame; the blur would seem commensurate with the speed of the object. Also seems too coherent to be a pixel glitch. That being said, haven’t a clue as to what it is. We need a new term for Unidentifiable Flying Objects… like Sky Boogers. Any ideas? 😊


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